Watergate East Under Construction 1964 -- 1965

Photographs from the collection of Sophie Fischer and Daniel Markey, wife and grandson, respectively, of Architect Milton Fischer, who worked on the Watergate Complex. Mr. Fischer, partner in the DC-based firm Corning, Moore, Elmore, and Fischer, was the principal associate to Mr. Luigi Moretti during the Watergate project.

Corning, Moore, Elmore and Fischer specialized in constructing apartment houses in Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia during the 1960s. The firm often teamed with the Magazine Brothers Construction Corporation as the general contractor, as was the case of Watergate.

An extraordinary view of the curve of the South wing of Watergate East from B3 or below.
Watergate East stairs leading to B1 and the Mall levels. At that time, the pillars seem to
have been painted dark gray. The color visually unifies the pillars with the narrow metal railing.
The Watergate East lobby as originally conceived. Impressively modernist. When you enter the lobby,
your attention is quickly drawn out to the furthest vista, the trees of Arlington across the Potomac River.
The sparce furnishings also guide the occupants' attention outward to the landscape.
A striking view of the North wing of Watergate East taken from the Mall. The pillars between shops
at the Mall level were also dark gray, making them appear equal to their "supporting" role.
Watergate East before the hotel.
Far left, Luigi Moretti. Milton Fischer stands beside Mr. Moretti.