24 May 2006

Meeting Called to Order by Mr. Tager at 7:00 pm. Present: Cohen, Cocome, Dakin, Gabriel, Malkin, Sheehan, Tager, Trines, Weingold

Absent: Wolf

Also present: Mr. Aghazadeh

1. Mr. Cocome moved a change in the agenda, that would require board action. Mr. Tager moved, Weingold seconded, revised agenda unanimously approved.

2. Election of new director. Nancy Hicks nominated by membership committee; Mr. Cocome moved, Mr., Sheehan seconded motion to elect Hicks. Unanimously approved.

3. Ms. Hicks was welcomed as a member of the Board at 7:12 pm.

4, Approval of April Minutes, Mr. Malkin moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Dr. Weingold, unanimously passed.

5. Approval of minutes for May 2 special meeting. Motion to approve by Mr. Cocome, Seconded by Mr. Malkin; Sheehan and Dakin abstained (absent from meeting), otherwise unanimously approved.

6. The Board unanimously approved the report of the May 16, 2006, Neighborhood Issues Committee which included the following motion, "Resolved, that the WEI Board of Directors endorse the proposition to keep Juarez Circle where it is, as it is."  This in response to a FHA study on Circle safety and accessibility re: Kennedy Center.

Cocome offered to draft a letter for the Board President's signature.

7. Balcony abuse and damage to apartment. Que presented background of problem. Board had agreed to allow dog in apartment in past, however, the Board never allowed the balcony drain to be used as means of disposing the dog urine and other waste material. 

The residents used the balcony drain for that purpose and there was leakage of animal waste to the apartment below. Mr. Cocome proposed a motion that the dog no longer be allowed to use the balcony or the apartment as a lavatory, that it be walked, that whenever it is out of the apartment, or when strangers are present, that it be muzzled; and that the drains be regularly checked by the building. Motion seconded by Dr. Weingold. Motion passed unanimously.

8. 312 North Letter. (Duration of permissible rental by owner of a WEI apartment). There are different interpretations of the lease-rental policy as stated by the bylaws. The disagreement stems from different interpretations of the how long an apartment can be rented during the ownership of an apartment: a total of three years during the ownership, or no more than three years at any one time, but allowing an apartment to be rented for several such periods, as long as the owner occupies the apartment in between such periods. Further, a second issue arose in this case as to whether the board can exercise its discretion and allow the apartment to be rented for an additional period in this case.

Mr. Sheehan moved that the resident be allowed to rent the apartment for one additional year, subject to evidence that he will be living abroad. Motion seconded by Mr. Cocome, approved, with abstentions by Mr. Trines and Dr. Weingold.

9. Que explained current status of garage door situation; Flexon, manufacturer of the doors, offered compensation to WEI if the case was dropped. Jackson Campbell is negotiating with Flexon to reduce the price. Motion by Mr. Cohen, Seconded by Mr. Malkin, to accept the contract with “Rolling Doors” (RDMI).

10. “Member Welfare Committee.” Description of scope of operation of the proposed committee has been provided by David Cox, specific language provided by Dr. Weingold based on research on how other coops deal with the problem of infirm or incapacitated individuals. Dr. Weingold noted that the information sheet provided by residents often lacks information about emergency assistance designee. Discussion on the need for the Welfare Committee to have access to necessary professional skills. Dr. Weingold to report to the Board about language and potential members of such a committee.

Meeting adjourned, 9:20 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Stephen P. Cohen, Secretary


19 April 2006

Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors
Watergate East, Inc.

Meeting called to order at 7:01 pm by Mr. Tager.

Present: Cocome, Cohen, Gabriel, Malkin, Tager, Trines, Weingold, Wolf,

Absent, Dakin, Ann Webster-Smith.

Also present: Mr. Aghazadeh, two WEI members.

1. Agenda for meeting approved unanimously.

2. Nomination of officers, approved unanimously; 1st VP Wolf, 2nd V.P Cocome, Secretary, Cohen, Treasurer, Trines

3. Board Minutes of Regular Meeting of the Board (March 22) approved unanimously.

4. Board Minutes of Special meeting of the board (April 3rd) approved unanimously.

5. Discussion of letter and petition submitted to the board by Ms. Marilyn Jackson. Mr. Tager stated that if there was any change in the lease that would affect the members’ ownership interests in the property then this would be an important development; Mr. Cocome stressed that the Board should understand members’ concerns about the future of the disposition of any WEI property or changes in the lease. Mr. Tager noted that this petition does not address such questions as providing access to the pool; in this case, it was decided that Richard Tager would send a letter to Ms. Jackson that could be more widely disseminated, the letter would state that there will be no changes in the lease that would lead to alienation of members’ interests in the property without their approval.

6. Discussion of the request by owner of an apartment to rent the apartment, and exactly what was the meaning and intent of Rule XII-3 and related rules. It was decided by the Board that to seek advice from Counsel on the question of multiple rentals, or rental of the same apartment for more than one three-year period.

7. Action on insurance package. The changes in the policy were summarized by Mr. Cocome: the value of insured property went up by 9%, the premiums went up only by 3%, a substantial saving for WEI. Because of floods last year, the deductible was raised to $100,000; under the new policy (with a new broker, AH&T) the deductible has been reduced to $1,000. There was discussion of the conditions and coverage. It was suggested by Dr. Weingold that a note be sent to the members, explaining their responsibilities, and that of WEI regarding insurance. The Board approved the contract unanimously.

8. Approval of committees and chairs. It was proposed that the functions of the By-laws Committee be assumed by the Legal Committee. It was also proposed that Dr. Weingold chair a group to develop the terms of reference for a committee that would explore the question of WEI responsibility in the case of diminished capability.

The Chairs and members approved are at Attachment A. [see updated committee page]

9. Discussion of member’s lawsuit against WEI regarding compensation for damaged property. Ms. Wolf recused herself from this discusson.

10 . Discussion of General Manager’s Report

Discussion of request from 600 New Hampshire Building to run pipes through WEI; other engineering solutions were discussed, as was compensation to WEI. No action was taken but alternative arrangements were discussed.


Discussion of issues involving responsibility for repair of balconies.

Discussion of garage door replacement, Board discussed and approved replacement of doors by the second highest bidder.

Discussion of riser project, flushing of the system is almost complete.

The Board voted to express the building’s gratitude to those members, living on the twelfth floor, who will be inconvenienced by the completion of the riser project

The Board thanked the pool committee for new rules governing the use of the pool, and approved the rules.

11. Financial Report

Presented by Mr. Trines; the building reserves are still being built up, the financial position of WEI is stable. Again, energy costs remain the fastest growing cost. Mr. Trines will prepare a quarterly financial report when recent data are available.

12. Additional Items

Mr. Tager proposed, and the Board agreed, that the Board will regularly meet on the fourth Wednesday of each month, with some exceptions (especially for Thanksgiving), and the dates of the open board meetings will be provided by email to the Board.*

Discussion of the relationship with BentleyForbes regarding the legal fees and insurance for the easement through their property to allow handicapped access to the pool.

Mr. Trines reports that $1,500 has been returned by the PNC because of an overcharge detected by WEI.

13. Capital Improvement report

Mr. Aghazadeh informed the board of the agreement with BentleyForbes to share the cost of surveying the damaged drainage system, including disintegrated piping. It was decided to defer approval of the survey project until more information was obtained, especially regarding the cost of camera surveying.

The elevator replacement project will begin in September finished by April 2007; it is the largest capitol improvement project now underway.

14. Discussion of Membership Committee.

15. Discussion of neighborhood issues:

Mr. Cocome noted that the Kennedy Center sign on Juarez Circle is not being turned off until 10 pm (instead of the agreed-upon 9 pm).

Atlantic Media (Atlantic Monthly), which now owns the 600 New Hampshire building, wants to use the South Terrace of the Kennedy Center to celebrate its 100th anniversary, for a two hour period, for an award ceremony and dinner, September 29th. The board decided that WEI would defer to Watergate South on this request.

16. Discussion of Watergate Complex Council report. The escrow balances that WEI and other buildings in the complex are on file in the office.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:20 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Stephen Cohen


22 March 2006

Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors

Watergate East, Inc.

Present:   Ron Cocome, Stephen Cohen, Darius Farzaneh(Vice President presiding), Georg Gabriel,  Ann Webster Smith, Richard Tager, Harry Trines, Audrey Wolf

Absent: Sheehan, Eaton, Wood

Also present: General Manager Aghazadeh

The meeting was called to order at 7:05pm by the Acting President.


The draft agenda was approved with two additions: 1- to discuss the” Proposed Changes to the By-Laws” and 2- addition of “Neighborhood Issues”.

The minutes of the 22 February Board Meeting were approved. With one change under Item 7: “front of the building in the context of an overall landscape plan.” and another change under Item 15 “.  Will investigate the proposal and report to the Board at the next Board meeting.”

The Board unanimously approved a motion by Mrs. Ann Webster Smith “that the Board defer consideration of By-Law amendments until they can be considered by the newly constituted Board and after a discussion of the amendments by the membership at a regular quarterly open Board meeting and further, that all proxies running to Ann Webster Smith be disregarded with respect to By-Law votes, Mrs. Smith being notified that only her votes for the Board members be recognized.”  WEI members will be notified that the changes will not be discussed at the annual meeting of the membership on April 3, 2006.

The Board approved a resolution that WEI Newsletter be prepared by Joanne Goldberg and Susan Trintter, after receiving information from the Secretary and General Manager.  They will also prepare a membership directory.

General Manager reported that he had received $7,333.00 from the insurance company of the rental car for the damages from the accident in the B-3 garage.  He also reported that a law suit has been filed against door manufacturer Flexon and Kremer for fraud and they have 20 days to respond.

The House Operations Committee has scheduled a hallway inspection which will include a look at the walls as well as the carpeting and furniture.

The Audit Committee will meet on 23 March.

The Insurance Committee will meet during the week of 27 March and will have a report for the Board in April.


The Treasurer noted that our financial statement looks good for the one month, our utility expenses are lower and even though the price of utilities has gone up, our cost was down due to less usage.  A brief note will be sent to the members informing them that there will not be any operating assessment in addition to the 3% that was approved by the Board in October 2005.

The treasurer further noted that the Government is questioning the justification of giving back trash credit for those members who did not file for homestead.  Mr. Aghazadeh has responded to this, and it is assumed that his explanation will be accepted.  Some of the members file homestead in another state because they get better value and do not file here in Washington DC.

We are also going to be taxed for commercial use under a mixed use rate which is 1.85/100 dollars of assessed value.

D.C. Government has increased our assessment for 2006 from $88,340,880.00 to $103,894,120 and increase of $15,553,240.00 for commercial areas.  Up until now WEI has been taxed only for residential use based on some formulas that are available in the office with the General Manager.

Energy was discussed and it was agreed that there is a need for a complete energy study.  PEPCO proposes such a study to cost $8400 which the Board approved unanimously.  Cost for the study will be covered by the CIC Budget.

The Capital Improvements Committee’s reports on its March and 22 meetings were accepted with the deletion of Item 3 (Individual Unit meters).

The Capital Improvements Committee recommended to the Board that it postpone the decision on window replacement until such time that the major Capital Projects are complete and paid for by the membership.  The Board unanimously approved this.

The report of the Watergate Complex Council was noted.

The report of the Neighborhood Issues Committee was adopted with the inclusion of the following motion:

“The WEI Board of Directors in support of the position of ANC 2A and the Foggy Bottom Association opposes filings #06511 and #0612 by George Washington University and urges the Zoning Commission to deny same.

“Further, the Committee Chair will draft a letter for the WEI. Board of Directors.”

The Board unanimously approved a resolution to commend the outgoing Board members, Bettye Wood, Judith Eaton and Darius Farzaneh, for their service on the Board and to Mr. Farzaneh for long and dedicated service on the Watergate Complex Council.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Webster Smith, Secretary

February 22, 2006

Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors

Watergate East, Inc.

Meeting called to order at 7:05 pm.

Present: Cocome, Cohen, Farzaneh, Gabriel; Sheehan, Tager, Trines, Wolf

Absent: Eaton, Ann Webster-Smith, Wood

Dan Sheehan proposed four additions to the agenda as follows:

1. Hotel Hearing update

2. Date for a special Board meeting

3. Garage roll up doors up date

4. Energy consultant;

Board approved the new agenda.

1. Board Minutes for Jan 25th approved unanimously.

2. Increase in renovation assessment: There was a discussion of the renovation loan. Actual proposed increased is four cents above what we are paying now; WEI is constrained now because of higher loan repayment responsibilities increased recently because of an increase in interest rates (more than 3 percentage points in last year). Mr. Trines proposed a long-term projection of loan repayments, but in the immediate future there is a short term squeeze. The motion to increase the assessment was unanimously approved.

3. Revision of rule IX-3 (Responsibility for balconies). Typos in distributed version of the text were noted. The amended text should make it absolutely clear that members are fully responsible for changed balconies; WEI remains responsible for the building structure. Resolution passed unanimously.

4. Selection of committee to approve passenger elevator décor. Board discussed and approved several guidelines: a) no carpeting on floor; b) service elevators will be selected by the General Manager and should be able to take over-size equipment; c) compatible with rest of décor of building. Audrey Wolf volunteered to be the chair of the ad hoc committee.

5. Insurance policies are to be renewed beginning of May. Mr. Cocome agreed to serve as chair of ad hoc committee.

6. Member request to extend rental period. It was noted that the apartment in question had been vacant for several years, and that the member need ask the Board for permission to extend rental period two years from now.

7. Fire, Safety and Security Committee preliminary report. Presented by Mr. Cohen, assisted by committee members Talwani and Stowell. The report attached to the Board package was an older version; newer version was distributed (available from the Manager or Mr. Cohen). Action: Mr. Trines will examine whether planters are possible for front of building to fill a gap in the security perimeter, Cohen will develop a statement of work for a possible consultant. Further discussions to take place at an open Board meeting in May.

8. Bylaw Change. A new draft should be available, Thursday 2 March 7 pm, at special Board meeting.

9. Next official board meeting, is scheduled for 22 March; Sheehan will be absent, Darius Farzaneh, first vice-president, will chair meeting.

10. Update on garage door replacement. Watergate will sue the garage door contractor, and the manufacturer, for fraud, as they knowingly misrepresented their ability to deliver the doors, after signing a contract and receiving $20K from Watergate.


11. Hotel update. A hearing scheduled for the zoning appeal before the DC court of appeals regarding the rezoning of the Watergate Hotel to accommodate cooperative apartments was postponed because of a power cut. It was proposed that WEI use this opportunity to seek expert legal advice on the status of the lease. Ms. Wolf moved that the legal committee of Watergate East consult with the law firm of Greenstein, DeLorme and Luchs with respect to this matter, with the authority to retain this firm if it so determines, and that Watergate East, Inc. appropriate the sum of $20,000 towards legal fees incurred. Motion was unanimously approved.

12. Manager's newsletter. The Board suggested that a committee be established to make the Manager's newsletter a monthly publication. Several names were discussed, and Mr. Sheehan will approach them.

13. Door replacement, B-2 South level. There was an incident in which a resident of the South building was jostled by the B-2 level door when exiting to the mall. The Board discussed several alternatives, including glass doors, sliding doors. The Manager will explore alternatives; consensus seemed to be that a bigger window in a new automatic door would maximize security and visibility.

14. Treasurer's report. Maintenance costs increased because of more overflows, and purchase of ninety motors. Flooding in apartments because residents are not aware early enough when convectors overflow.

15. Window replacement and energy. After discussing an unproductive meeting with an outside consultant, Mr. Farzaneh reported that the Capitol Improvement Committee will investigate the proposal from the window company at the Capital Improvements Committee and report the recommendation to the Board. The Manager reported that we only have one proposal from PEPCO to do an energy audit study. He is looking for another service.

16. Capital Improvement Committee. Mr. Farzaneh has recommended that Mr. Tager become co-chair of the Capitol Improvement committee.

17. Membership committee. Mr. Farzaneh noted that three new residents were admitted to the cooperative, John Hanson, and Mr. and Mrs. Hirsch. Drs. Kupersmith approved to buy 704 -North, they will sell their present apartment. The policy is that the existing Members need not be re-interviewed if they desire to purchase another apartment in the building, although they will have to provide the usual financial information.

18. Community Relations: Mr. Cocome reported that the GWU campus plan has never been implemented; the Foggy Bottom Association believes that GWU is over their 20,000 student cap. According to them university enrollment may be in excess of 24,000. The key issue is the University's attempt to redefine “enrollment” to exclude students enrolled in degree programs but who live on other GWU campus' and bussed onto the Foggy Bottom Campus. GWU proposes to make this redefinition by scrapping the current campus plan that runs through 2009 and in mid stream.

This proposed new campus plan would, in effect, permit virtually unlimited enrollment and unlimited new development construction in Foggy Bottom. The FBA has retained legal counsel (Bode and Grenier) to defend the interests of our residential community. Mr. Cocome noted that FBA believes GWU is out of compliance with the law, that PUD is not supposed to be used to evade zoning restrictions, and that there are already adverse effects on WEI in the form of heightened density, pollution, and crowding.

19. Member complaint about rug damage. Board understands that they will sue WEI.

20. Capital Improvements Review Committee Draft Report was distributed; the Board is to provide comments by 9 March.

Meeting adjourned, 9:20 pm

Submitted 23 Feb 2006

Stephen Cohen, acting secretary


December 13, 2005

Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors Watergate East, Inc.

Present: Sheehan, Cocome, Cohen, Farzaneh, Smith, Tager, Trines, Wolf, Wood, Eaton

Absent: Gabriel

Also present: General Manager Aghazadeh.

The meeting was called to order at 7:05pm by the President.


The agenda for the December 13 meeting was amended as follows:


Change item to: "Approval of the proposed $0.20 per share increase on debt assessment for 2006"

Change item to: “Approval of budget for proposed 2006 publication on WEI.”


Add “Capital Improvements Committee Meeting (Tab 10)”

Add: “Security”

Add: “Audit Committee”

Add: “Juarez Circle”

Add: “Historic Designation”

With these changes, the agenda was adopted.

The Minutes of the November 16 meeting were adopted. .


After a lengthy discussion on the $.04 per share additional increase over and above the previously projected $0.16 per share increase for Capital Improvement for 2006, the Board approved an increase of $.16 per share and agreed to reconsider additional increases per share in the January Board meeting if the increase is warranted. The Board further requested that the Chairman of the Capital Improvement Committee and the Treasurer have a meeting and reanalyze the debt payment requirement to pay all loans as required for 2006 and submit their findings to the Board in January 2006.

After discussing the proposed publication of a 2006 WEI publication and projected costs of publication (the last report was published in 1992 to mark the 25th anniversary of WEI) it was agreed that there should be an effort to market advertisements from real estate agents active at WEI to get them to underwrite the $3500 cost of publication Kerry Stowell and Susan Trinter have graciously volunteered to contribute their services in developing the publication. The Board President will discuss this with the Project Managers, Kerry Stowell and Susan Trinter.





After a discussion of the need for a clear understanding of what is and what is not part of the co-op maintenance and responsibility, the Board agreed that on initial reading there may be a need to amend Rule 3-2 and Rule 9, and will send the issue to the Legal Committee for its consideration, advice, and will ask them to propose any necessary rule changes and clarification for the Board's consideration at its January 2006 meeting.


After a discussion concerning the Capital Improvements Committee's report and the recommendation of its consultant, Richard Shaffer, the Board approved the bid of ELCON for WEI's elevator improvement work. In addition, the Board approved East Coast Mechanical's further development of its earlier bid for the completion of pressure testing of the South Truck Tunnel


The Board discussed the possibility of a resident's sale to a corporation in accordance with Rule XII-3, B (6), but noted that any resident installed by such a corporation must be approved by the Membership Committee.


Ms. Eaton reported that the Committee will meet on December 15.


Mr. Cohen, committee chairman, distributed a preliminary draft developed by his committee for consideration and comment by the Board. He advised the Board that WEI will need the services of a consultant on matters relating to security and fire.


Mr. Cocome reported on several serious threats to the WEI residential community stemming from current proposals put forward by the District's Office of Planning and DDOT. These issues will be closely monitored.


Mrs. Smith gave a brief run-down on Federal legislation that affects properties, such as the Watergate Complex, which are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Webster Smith,


November 16, 2005

Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors Watergate East, Inc.

Present: Sheehan, Farzaneh, Wolf, Smith, Cocome, Cohen, Gabriel and Tager

Absent: Eaton, Trines and Wood

Also present: General Manager, Kioumars Aghazadeh

Observer: J. Massengale

The meeting was called to order at 7:02pm by the President.


The agenda for the November 16 meeting was adopted.

The Board Minutes of October 26 were approved.


The Operational Budget as proposed in the Treasurer's November 14 document, 2006 Operational Budget and Capital Improvement Program, was discussed. The Board noted the Treasurer's comment that the Watergate Council frequently overestimates costs and, bearing this in mind, unanimously approved the proposed Operational Budget which included the following specific features:

o An increase in the assessments equivalent to 3 percent or $0.134 per share per month (as is possible under current by-laws which are under review by the By-Laws Committee headed by Mr. Mazzio).

o An increase in the charge for labor associated with work orders placed by residents by 5 percent.

o The continued transfer of the equivalent of $0.08 per share per month to WEI's investment account (as agreed in 2004).


The Board agreed to delete the last sentence of item10.3.h. From the Capital Improvements minutes of the meeting.

The Energy Consultant suggested by Mr. Tager will be meeting with Capital Improvement Committee on November 29. On suggestions as to modifications to windows, The Capital Improvements Committee notes three possibilities: the hotel's consultants will make presentation on December 15; Mr. Tager


has suggested a possible consultant; and the Legal Committee has suggested a third possible consultant (who may well be the same as the hotel's consultant). Subject to these possibilities, the Board accepted the proposed Capital Improvements Budget in the amount of $920,722.


the Board chose the coin operated proposal and asked that a request be made to Coinmach to increase the revenue share from 20% to 25%. With the understanding that the proposal would be accepted even if the increase in revenue share were not available.


The Board reviewed the notes on the Open Board meeting and the various actions proposed all of which were accepted. As appropriate, decisions will be announced in the General Manager's Newsletter.


The Board reviewed the General Manager's report on a claim filed by the resident of 1401-S. The Board suggested that the Member be asked to refer his claim to his insurance agency and expressed its regret for the incident that he reported.


The Board accepted the General Manager's report and turned to the subject of Second Hand Smoke which had originally been discussed at the October 26 meeting: Various situations were discussed and the Board was reminded of the way the building's circulation systems function. It continues to be important to keep balcony doors and windows closed and to ensure that the space under the apartment door is open (i.e. no weather stripping). Mr. Massengale(309-310N) who is complaining of second hand smoke said that he has identified a consultant on the subject (Ronald Ginste 301/540-9064) and distributed a letter from his wife on the subject.

The Board agreed to have the next board meeting on December 13, 2005 at 7:00 pm.


The Council met on October 31. Mr. Farzaneh called Board members' attention to Watergate Complex buildings' budget allocations by month and noted that WEI Building Billing in 2005 totaled $981,911 and that the estimated 2006 allocation for the same billing services (natural gas, water sewer, C&E operations, legal, and accounting) is $1,222,500, an increase of $240,589, primarily due to the increase of fuel costs as reflected in the Comparison Analysis of energy Costs.

The meeting adjourned at 8:25.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Webster Smith, Secretary


October 26, 2005

Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors Watergate East, Inc.

Present: Sheehan, Cocome, Cohen, Farzaneh, Gabriel, Smith, Trines and Wolf.

Absent: Eaton, Tager and Wood

Also present: General Manager Aghazadeh

Observers: Jordan Franklin 312-N, J. Massengale 310-N and Allen Weingold 412-N

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm by the President


The agenda for the October 26 meeting was adopted with the following addition: Determination of a date for next Open Meeting of the Board.

The Board Minutes of 28 September were approved with Mr. Trines (who had been absent) abstaining.


Mr. Massengale (309-310N) and Mr. Franklin (312N) were present and were joined by Dr. Weingold (412-N) for the discussion of second-hand smoke which had been raised at the May Board meeting. Following that meeting the Engineer had been asked to inspect and report on the situation. In response to a suggestion from Mr. Sheehan, air pressure in the adjacent hallway had been increased on 21 October with some improvement noted. Dr. Weingold reported on his recent acquisition of 412N also noting that there was a smoke odor. The General Manager noted that there were and still are some resident smokers in 212N, 312N and 412N, and other apartments in that column. Mr. Franklin requested a survey of that column of apartments to determine the precise scope of the problem. He was assured that the Board will take this matter seriously; that the Engineers will do a top to bottom inspection of possible apartments involved and that an outside company will be asked to examine the situation if necessary.


The Board discussed further the matter of problems with the existing garage doors which are unsafe and require frequent repairs. Proposals have been received and, after a discussion, Mr. Cocome made a motion to approve and was seconded by Mr. Cohen, the Board voted unanimously to accept a proposal from the Kramer Overhead Door Service to replace existing doors with Flexon Doors.


The Board considered various options for laundry equipment, cards vs. cash for payment for the use of the machines, and reviewed the bids and alternative plans that Mr. Tager had received. After a discussion, it was agreed that Mr. Tager should be asked to go back to the bidder to check on the possibility of continuing the current financial arrangement and acquiring new equipment.


The President noted several items on which the Board should plan future action including:

1. Establishment of a Nominating Committee to propose candidates for Board terms ending in April, i.e., those of Mr. Sheehan, Mrs. Wood, Ms. Eaton, and Mr. Farzaneh.

2. Audit to be presented at the Annual Meeting.

3. Annual Report for which committee reports should be submitted before March.

4. The spiral in energy costs.

---Mr. Radin's and Mr. Trines' suggestions concerning energy costs must be evaluated and considered.

---Possible replacement of windows. Informal contact with Monument's Energy Consultant suggested that a 25% saving on the annual heating and cooling bill could be achieved by the replacement of windows with double panes.

5. The Appeals Court Judge in the hotel zoning case has reportedly asked both attorneys to consider dates between December 1 and February 1 for a hearing of oral arguments.

6. Next Open Meeting of WEI membership is tentatively scheduled for 9 or 10 November. An announcement will be made after checking with the Hotel.

7. Bentley Forbes, a California firm, is the new owner of what were the Trizec/Trizec-Hahn properties. They plan to raise rents on some of their commercial tenants and are in the process of assessing the repairs that need to be made to the leased space areas, in line with WEI's representation with Trizec.


The General Manager was welcomed back.

He reported that one of the Members involved in the two cases of violating Rule VIII-2 on Floor Coverings had reported back that there will be carpet installed in the apartment in two weeks; however, he had not heard from the second Member involved in this case. The Board, agreed, that the attorney should prepare a letter for the Secretary to sign putting the Member on notice of violation and the proper time to cure the violation.




Mr. Cohen who is the chair of this Committee commented that there are no smoke detectors and no fire detectors for the building other than in the units. He noted further that the Alarm and Sprinkler Systems are aging. He asked for information on the training that is given to the Security Staff which will be reviewed by his Committee.

The Board discussed the fact that a major security threat to WEI and the entire Watergate complex is the tunnel entrance next to the parking entrance to WEI. The Security Committee will examine this issue and the current practices.

WATERGATE COMPLEX COUNCIL. Will meet on 31 October.

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE. Mr. Farzaneh reported that not all real estate agents are addressing WEI's requirement that mortgage and maintenance costs not exceed 25% of a would-be-resident's income.


The Board reviewed the most recent financial statements and noted the substantial increases during the summer in the energy cost. The gas market has been both up and down; however, the industry consensus is that we are in for a large rise in energy costs. In order to offset increasing energy costs, the Treasurer proposed a 3% increase in Members assessment to be announced at this time and if more was needed due to Energy increased cost, then it would be announced later and voted upon at the annual meeting (any increase over 3% requires a membership vote). This proposal will be formally presented to the Board at the next meeting. Members will also be given an opportunity to ask questions about the budget at the scheduled open meeting. The Treasurer noted that there is also deficit in the Renovation Loan payments due to much higher than anticipated interest rates on the floating rate loans.

Mr. Cohen called for an informal briefing of the Board, a narrative on accomplishments under the Renovation Program during the past five years and projected activities during the next five years. The President said that this report will be undertaken by Mr. Tager and his committee which includes Messrs. Dakin, Eisenberg, Farzaneh, Trines, Chadbourne and the General Manager.


The Board discussed concerns raised by some residents over the new Kennedy signage near the WEI entrance and the problems the Safeway has had such as the theft of grocery carts by customers.

The meeting adjourned at 8:55

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Webster Smith


September 28, 2005

Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors Watergate East, Inc.

Present: Sheehan, Cocome, Cohen, Farzaneh, Gabriel, Smith, Tager, and Wolf.

Absent: Eaton, Trines, Wood.

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm by the President.


The agenda for the September 28 meeting was adopted with the following additions:

Landscaping update -Mrs. Wolf

Laundry and Consideration of Loan vs. Lease of Equipment- Mr. Tager

Proposal to Hire Energy Consultant- Mr. Trines' Report

Next Open Meeting- Mr. Sheehan

Security Committee- Mr. Cohen

New Kennedy Center Signage- Mr. Cocome

The Board Minutes of August 24 was revised to reflect the following last paragraph under “Hotel”:

“The Board was advised that Monument has indicated that it plans to open a Sales Office in October with sales contingent upon the Appeal of the DC Zoning Commission ruling which is still before the DC Court of Appeals.”

The Minutes of the August 24 meeting were approved as revised.


The Board noted that the Cleaning Schedule had been revised and presented in matrix form by the General Manager in response to a request of the Board. The Board asked the Board President to thank Albert Samuels, the new Housekeeping Supervisor, for his efforts and to tell him that the Board is encouraged by the progress being made under his direction


Mr. Sheehan has signed a Certificate of Estoppel for Trizec which is expected to close the sale of its interests on WEI and 2600 Virginia properties within the next few days. An attachment to the Certificate lists some 20 plus items to be undertaken by Trizec for WEI before the closing. Presumably Trizec will either complete this work or put in escrow for WEI an appropriate sum to cover the cost of doing this work.


The Board discussed problems with existing garage doors, which are unsafe and require frequent repairs. Bids have been received on both steel door replacements and rubber doors similar to those currently being installed at the World Bank. Before the Board can make a sound decision, it needs information on the maintenance requirements of the various doors under consideration, the business history of the various firms which are bidding and information from those who have used different doors and the different firms. Mr. Sheehan will ask Joe Cain to make the necessary inquiries. The Board will also consult the Cooperative Housing Coalition of which WEI is a member.


The Board discussed general liability coverage under the new insurance carrier selected this summer. The Board voted to choose coverage by the Mt. Hawley Company because it provided what was basically the same coverage at a lesser cost. Mr. Cohen abstained. Mr. Sheehan will ask our insurance broker what sort of insurance coverage (if any) WEI has for an event that might take place in WEI's leased spaces.


The Board discussed a proposal from Edmund Flynn Company that solicits WEI's Cooperative Transfer Services account currently handled by Jackson and Campbell. The Board voted 4-3-1 to use Flynn's services.


In the absence of Mr. Trines, the Treasurer, Mr. Sheehan noted that the Finance Committee will meet on October 11. He commented that both Mr. Trines and Mr. Radin (in a letter to the Board) recommended hiring an energy consultant. The Board agreed that this should be done and this activity was assigned to the Capital Improvements Committee. The Treasurer's Report gives an update on current financial activity and listed certain projects, which have budget implications including Landscaping, Security and Pool Equipment.


Mrs. Wolf reiterated her interest in having Landscaping covered in the budget and reported on a proposal her committee has received from a Maryland firm, which outlines an extensive four-year program. The Board discussed the extent of proposed landscaping. Mr. Cocome suggested that we also consult with the USDA Extension Service (DC office is located at UDC, contact is Ellen Tager 202-274-7166), which offers free evaluations and recommendations. Mr. Tager suggested that we also consult Bozzuto Landscaping (E.J. Martinez, 301 497 3900), which is a subsidiary of a large development and management firm.


The Board studied Mr. Tager's September 28 report on Laundry Facilities, which offered a range of options which will be evaluated along with other possibilities. To follow up on Mr. Cohen's earlier question, Mr. Tager will ask about the possibility of card-operated (as distinguished from coin-operated) facilities. The General Manager's office will be asked how many apartments have their own laundry-dryer facilities now.


Mr. Cohen's committee now includes Mr. Arnstein and Mrs. Stowell. The committee will examine possibilities for security signs, floor monitors, various safety systems that might be brought into play. They will also examine various emergency evacuation systems.


Mr. Cocome reported that there have been some objections to the new Kennedy Center neon sign system near the door of WEI.


The report was distributed; action items will be discussed at the next board meeting.


The Board examined a draft Committee Precept circulated by Mr. Sheehan to develop a midpoint status report on the 1994 FEA study on repairs and maintenance issues that Watergate East will face. Mr. Tager will chair the committee.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 pm.

Respectfully submitted

Ann Webster Smith, Secretary


August 24, 2005

Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the
Board of Directors Watergate East, Inc.

Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors Watergate East, Inc. August 24, 2005

Present: Sheehan, Cocome, Cohen, Eaton, Farzaneh, Gabriel, Smith, Tager, Trines, Wood.

Also present: Mr. Aghazadeh, General Manager

Absent: Wolf

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm by the President.


The agenda for the August 24 meeting was approved.

The Board Minutes of 27 July were revised to reflect that Mrs. Wood was absent.

The 27 July Minutes were further revised under MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE (b) to substitute the following language which reflects the language in guidelines given to real estate agents:

“(b) The financial formula for individuals is the following: Assessments, mortgage payments and accrued real estate taxes on any residential real estate owned or to be acquired by the applicant (al should be documented) may not exceed 25 percent of the applicant's gross income.

The Minutes of 27 July were accepted with Mr. Cocome and Ms. Eaton abstaining because they had been absent.


Albert Samuels has been named as the new Housekeeping Director. He walks the entire building, stairways and halls five days a week. The list of assignments and duties distributed at the meeting will be edited, put in matrix form and distributed next Board meeting.


There had been previous agreement on the appointment of a consultant and on his scope of work. The consultants report is being finalized. The next meeting with Trizec will be on 30 August at which also the draft report will be discussed. The Board took note of its comments during the 27 July meeting concerning the 2000 report from Trizec-Hahn to Jackson and Campbell. Mr. Aghazadeh and David Cox are handling contacts for WEI and Peter Ehrenhaft and the President will also be involved. The Board discussed appointing a consultant to survey areas leased to Trizec which were not covered in the consultant's scope of work. It was agreed that Mr. Aghazadeh would do an initial survey with further steps, if necessary, to be considered subsequently. It is important to have a complete overview of necessary repairs to areas covered under the lease before the sale of the Trizec office building is finalized.


Existing doors are unsafe and the spring which operates them has been changed three times in the last year and half. Alternate doors under consideration are lighter and three bids have been received. The Board postponed a decision until the September meeting prior to which time (a) a bid on the replacement of steel doors and the warranty covering them will be obtained, (b) the General Manager will check with the DC Fire Marshal to determine what the city's requirements are; and (c) the General Manager will discuss the door problem with appropriate personnel at the Kennedy Center for their advice based on their experience.

Tax Letter:

WEI received a letter from the DC Financial Officer which reports an error in the tax rate for the Watergate East, Inc. because, in the past, no distinction for tax purposes has been made for the mixed uses of the property (i.e. between that part of the property which is residential and that which is commercial). The letter will be forwarded to Mr. Cox for further action, including if necessary a request for an extension on the DC deadline. The fact that WEI is part of a PUD will also be brought to the attention of the district.


Pool Access-Handicapped ramBecause of certain bureaucratic requirements which had to be met, work will be postponed until sometime before the 2006 pool opening.

Recent Fire Alarms

Procedures for Receptionists' response to fire alarms are already posted at the desks. The President will appoint additional members to the Security Committee, will call for an examination of the current alarm system, and will examine the possibility of posting fire procedures on individual apartment entry doors as is done in hotels.

Ten Year Renovation Plan

WEI is now approximately half-way through its 10-Year Plan Renovation. A proposal was made to update this plan and for regular updates thereafter, since the need for continuous maintenance will not disappear with the completion of the current plan. The purpose of the review is to make any changes that are deemed appropriate in light of changes in conditions that may have developed since the plan was developed five years ago. The President will prepare a proposal for submission to the Board at its September meeting.



Mr. Farzaneh reported that two current residents are buying next-door apartments. They are not required to go through standard application procedures as a matter of courtesy. In cases such as these owners' modifications must be approved and apartments must be made whole or sold as one unit at the time that they are sold. Apartments cannot be modified in any way that will change the number of shares owned

Treasurer's Report

Mr. Trines reviewed the Budget outcome through the end of July. While it is difficult to predict it looks like WEI may record a small surplus in 2006. The big unknowns besides the energy use as a result of the hot summer use are the increasingly higher cost of energy and its impact and unexpected expenses that may come up (e.g., garage doors, new filters for the pool, the outcome of discussions with Saks Jandel on compensation for damages caused by a water leak earlier this year). It was also noted that discussions are still ongoing on the fee for last year's audit, which was far in excess of the agreed amount.

On the budget for 2006 inputs have been requested from various committees by mid-September. The Finance Committee will meet early in September for preliminary discussions on the budget projections.


The Board was advised that Monument has indicated that it plans to open a Sales Office in October with sales contingent upon the resolution of the Appeal which is still in Court.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Webster Smith, Secretary


July 27, 2005

Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors Watergate East, Inc.

Present: Sheehan, Farzaneh, Gabriel, Smith, Tager and Mrs. Wolf

Also present: Mr. Aghazadeh, General Manager

Absent: Cocome, Cohen, Eaton, Trines, Wood

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by the President.


The agenda for the July 27 meeting was approved.

The Board Minutes of 22 July were revised under PROCUREMENT GUIDELINES with the insertion of “...appreciation to the Capital Improvements and Financial Committees for their hard work...” Mr. Tager moved and Mrs. Wolf seconded the acceptance of the Minutes as changed.

Consideration of Proposed Retainer Agreement. At its June 22 meeting the Board had approved an hourly basis for payment to Jackson Campbell. The Legal Committee had subsequently proposed a retainer as the basis for payment. The Board tabled the matter for review at its October 2005 meeting.

Posting the minutes of the meeting on Channel 28 After meetings, draft minutes will be sent to the Board for review and for comment within three days. A revised redraft will be published on the WatergateNotes website and copies will be available for residents' review at the lobby desks with an announcement to that effect on Channel 28. .

Consideration of hiring an independent structural consultant/engineer to survey WEI commercial leased areas and report on their condition. The Board agreed to review a 2000 report to Jackson and Campbell on this subject and to determine next steps as required.

Consideration of Treasurer's/Finance Committee proposed 2006 budget timetable. The Board modified the Treasurer's proposed timetable to change the deadline for committee requests from End-August to Mid-September.

Discussion of outsourcing WEI resident information data base. No decision was reached; however, a primer on resident responsibilities for updating resident information (insurance information, contact and emergency numbers) and the need for keeping the desk and General Manager's office aware of short and long-term absences will be drafted..

Following Board discussion, the Chairman said that he will ask Ann Cody and her committee to explore the question of residents' interest in a WEI telephone/e-mail/ fax book.


The Board welcomed the news that a housekeeping director has been hired and noted the responsibilities assigned him (attached to the GM's report). This list of tasks will be distributed next month.

The GM reported on the garage doors and his discussion with Kennedy Center representatives concerning the possibility of doors using different materials. Alternatives to the present door materials will be considered.

The Board discussed the question of pool guests and noted language that the Pool Committee Chair had proposed:

It has been brought to the attention of the Board that some residents' guests are not signing in when entering the pool area. It is necessary for Watergate East to have a record of ALL pool visitors including children, by name and apartment #. The Pool Committee and Board are considering adoption of a rule limiting the number of guests that a resident may have at the pool at a given time. Meanwhile the Board suggests that residents have no more than four guests, including children at the pool at one time.

The Board noted the letter from Carol Schwartz concerning WEI comments on Whitehurst Freeway alteration proposals.

The Board will consider samples for new floor covering in the service elevator areas. A new volunteer sub-committee will be named to consider the matter.


The Board was reminded that its earlier recommendation on eligibility to purchase apartments had been two-fold: (a) The funds necessary for a down payment were reduced from 30% to 20%; (b) as stated in the information given to new applicants, “Applicant's assessments, mortgage payments and accrued real estate taxes on all real estate owned or acquired by the Applicant may not exceed 25 per sent of the applicant's gross annual income.”


WEI has received new quotes for employee health insurance which will reduce costs to the coop.


The next Board meeting is tentatively scheduled for August 24. The Board will be polled to determine whether a quorum will be available.

The meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Webster Smith, Secretary