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Don't miss these links to three delightful, interactive
web sites for "clicking" and "moving" mice.

Lazy Ramadi 5 stars
U.S. soldiers in Iraq tell it like it is...sorta.
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Lazy Monday 4 stars
West Coast (LA) replies.
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Lazy Muncie 4 stars
The midwest confronts the east and west coasts.
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College Libraries Without Books New York Times
By mid-July almost all of UT Austin's library of 90,000
volumes will be dispersed to clear space for a
24-hour electronic informatio
n commons -- read how
research and study are rapidly changing on US campuses.
The Anti Jet Lag Diet was developed by biologists at DOE's Argonne National Lab. Read how the Diet is used to Prevent Troop Jet Lag.

Turning the Pages Browse three treasured books from the National Library of Medicine's 16th century manuscripts.

The eSkeletons Project compares human and primate anatomy through 2-D and 3-D full color images and animations. You can compare and contrast the skeletal regions of human and primates, the gorilla and the tiny mouse lemur.

Who is Online? Read the demographics of internet users
and their online activities. What do users do online on a "typical day." Data
Pew Internet & American Life Project
TerraFly You Must Check This Site! Simply enter an address and see an aerial image of the area. (Disable your pop-up blocker first.) Once you have an image, you'll see a scattering of small green dots. Click on any dot and view local information (population data, schools, local businesses, links to additional satellite images. Fl Intl U.
GAMEBOY in AMERICA'S LANDSCAPE exhibit Duke University

BBC Arts Resource for the visual arts, literature and culture, England's gift to her people and the world.
Browse the site. Listen to classic and contemporary short stories and discussions on science and history.
SMART CROWS – British Ecologists show how Betty, a captive New Caledonian crow shapes and uses a wire hook to retrieve her food. When will Betty ask for a plate?
The Kennedy Center Schedules
National Symphony Orchestra,
Millenium Stage, AFI Movies...