We flew on to Pakistan to observe our government's earthquake relief efforts and the effect of privately donated funds to support the official and NGO work.

On our way to see the earthquake victims, we came under mortar fire and we were herded into a tunnel for a half hour; then, we continued our trip.

The earthquake had washed away half of the mountain. US Aid and our military set up medical and food services and tents for housing. So many villagers lost their homes. So many died.

Flying in, you can hardly see the homes that had survived the quake. They're all made of mud and easily blend into the background.

There is an unusually high number of burn victims in the hospital. It is very cold up there, villagers use their small cooking stoves to warm their tents provided by the US. The tents easily catch on fire. During the night, the children who usually sleep closest to the stove are badly burnt.

Hospital workers are doing a tremendous job. One girl from Guam asked, "Would you like to come in and see my babies?"  I didn't quite understand what she was referring to. But what she showed me were her oxygen tanks and the other tools she uses to save soldiers lives.


We flew on to Afghanistan in a C130 -- not luxury transportation, just a basic troop transporter. If there are seats, we sit with the troops. 

We all travel in jeans. But, we were scheduled to meet President Karzai. He had just been elected then. So, we quickly suited up after we landed and went to meet him.

President Karzai suggested that we meet the members of Parliament. The women Parliamentarians were interested to know how to become real politicians. I said, "You're already politicians."

The members of parliment represent the different groups of Afghans. There are even representatives for the nomad tribes.

President Karzai is trying to establish programs for farmers to replace poppy crops with fruits and vegetables. But, it's very difficult to get the farmers to switch. Outside of Kabul, warlords rule over the poppy fields.

We did two more performances for the troops there. We never stayed anywhere overnight. We always returned to Kuwait for the night.

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